irredentist irredentist


  • (n) an advocate of irredentism

Derived Word(s)


  1. A deep-dyed irredentist propaganda onslaught against Rumania and all those countries who recognize the Rumanian annexation of Bessarabia was reported to have been begun.
  2. We are no longer and irredentist one-half of one nation.
  3. True, weapons could be smuggled into the West Bank by irredentist radicals and used against Israeli border settlements.


  • European Energy Union, Re-Exporting Russian Gas Added To Debate Over Resolving Ukraine-Linked Energy Crisis

    That the march toward war between Russia and Ukraine highlights Western diplomacy’s failure to tame Russian President Vladimir Putin’s irredentist ambitions is clear, but in recent days Europe’s intellectuals and politicians have moved discussion about possible solutions to the problem of Russia’s stranglehold over European energy more into the open. Russian natural gas giant OAO Gazprom has ...
    on April 23, 2014     Source: International Business Times

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