invincibly invincibly


  • (adv) in an invincible manner


  1. So all through Ali's childhood the good people of the village carried the little cripple everywhere he went and felt invincibly virtuous on this account.
  2. She is a peasant, the daughter of the keeper of a tiny village inn, invincibly modest and wholesome.
  3. Unlike the physically imperfect lawmen who now populate prime-time TV--the Dennis Franzes and Jerry Orbachs--Mac's skin is invincibly smooth.


  • "The Armstrong Lie" : The World's Greatest Fights His Way to the Bottom

    There once was a man who won the world's toughest athletic contest seven times in a row, and also beat cancer, and presided invincibly over a vast empire of splashy fundraiser bracelets. He had some help from drugs, which means there's a story here about the human condition as a function of pharm...
    on November 13, 2013     Source: SF Weekly

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