interoperability interoperability


  • (n) (computer science) the ability to exchange and use information (usually in a large heterogeneous network made up of several local area networks)


  1. It's the basis for interoperability among devices, be they coffee grinders, washing machines, TVs, VCRs or stereos.
  2. It's the basis for interoperability among devices, be they coffee grinders, washing machines, TVs, VCRs or stereos.
  3. DoD has been and is continuing to work with its Mexican counterparts to increase information sharing, interoperability, and training and equipping of counternarcotics forces.


  1. IEEE Interoperability Standard Now Available to Facilitate Deployment of Ethernet Passive Optical Networks

    IEEE, the world's largest professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity, announces that the IEEE 1904.1™ Standard for Service Interoperability in Ethernet Passive Optical Networks was approved by the IEEE Standards Association at the Standards Board meeting today.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance

  2. SPi Global Joins Forum for E-Learning Standards

    SPi Global, one of the world's leading content solutions providers, has recently joined the IMS Global Learning Consortium as a Common Cartridge & Learning Tools Interoperability Alliance Member.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Marketwired via Yahoo! Finance

  3. EU members reach agreement on railway interoperability

    LUXEMBOURG, June 12 (UPI) -- EU member nations this week agreed to changes sought by the European Commission to improve the interoperability of Europe's stagnating rail networks.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: UPI


  1. "Doing the right thing for the customer going forward is to tear down the walls that impede interoperability," Jobs told a London news conference.
    on Apr 1, 2007 By: Steve Jobs Source: Sydney Morning Herald

  2. Microsoft chief executive officer Steve Ballmer said: "Our goal is to promote greater interoperability, opportunity and choice for customers and developers throughout the industry by making our products more open and by sharing even more information...
    on Feb 21, 2008 By: Steve Ballmer Source: BBC News

  3. "Novell supports the OpenDocument format as the default file format in because it provides customer choice and flexibility, but interoperability with Microsoft Office has also been critical to the success of," said...
    on Dec 4, 2006 By: Nat Friedman Source: Yahoo! News (press release)

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