insomnia insomnia  /ɪn ˈsɑm ni ə/


  • (n) an inability to sleep; chronic sleeplessness


  1. A new study suggests that using Web-based therapy can help insomniacs sleep.
  2. Oddly enough, a lot of the problem of insomnia is lying in bed awake, worrying about it.
  3. A new study shows that behavioral therapy works better against insomnia.


  1. Nightcap? Better Not – Binge Drinking Linked To Insomnia In Older Adults

    April Flowers for - Your Universe Online Frequent binge drinking is associated with insomnia symptoms in older adults, a new study from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine finds. The study findings, published in the journal SLEEP , reveal that 26.2 percent of participants had two or less binge drinking days per week on average, while 3.1 percent had more than two days per week ...
    on June 11, 2013     Source: redOrbit

  2. Binge Drinking Older People Appear Much More Likely to Suffer Insomnia

    June 10, 2013 – If you are a frequent binge drinker, insomnia may not be the worst of your problems but a new study finds that for older people there appears to be a clear link between the two. The researchers found adults ages 55 and older who binged on an average of more than two days a week had an 84 percent greater odds of reporting an insomnia symptom compared to non-binge drinkers.
    on June 10, 2013     Source: Senior Journal

  3. Book review: 'Insomnia' proves to be an original page-turner (+video)

    "Insomnia," the debut novel from Utah author J.R. Johansson, is original and page-turning.
    on June 9, 2013     Source: Deseret News

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  1. "For as long as I'd known him, he had bouts with insomnia. He just had too much energy," Williams told the British newspaper. "His mind was turning, turning, turning -- always turning. He had an uncontrollable energy. He buzzed. He would jump...
    on Mar 15, 2008 By: Michelle Williams Source: United Press International

  2. "Walter doesn't want to be there and he's extremely defensive," explains Mahoney. "Then huge problems start to emerge that he kept buried for a long time. His insomnia is the least of it. He's fighting for his job, fighting for his sanity."
    on Apr 1, 2009 By: John Mahoney Source: San Diego Union Tribune

  3. "Previously, we had noted that there were scores of diseases that could be treated by eliciting the relaxation response -- everything from different kinds of pain, infertility, rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia," Benson said.
    on Jul 2, 2008 By: Herbert Benson Source: Washington Post

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