insensitively insensitively


  • (adv) in an insensitive manner


  1. Costner has complained that his studio cut the film insensitively to get a softer rating, but what's left is nothing to brag about.
  2. Vociferous critics, especially Jews, charged that the President was insensitively equating Nazis and their victims.
  3. But TV executives around the country said that in Craft's case, the show business considerations were insensitively handled and tinged with sexism.



  1. "Many of our market towns do not have the capacity to cope with major new development," said Tom Oliver, CPRE's Head of Rural Policy. "Towns are also suffering badly from development which damages their individual character, is insensitively...
    on Jun 11, 2004 By: Tom Oliver Source: Find a Property

  2. "Ads that portray women insensitively are ubiquitous," said NOW president Kim Gandy. "We see them so often that it doesn't attract people's attention."
    on Nov 10, 2004 By: Kim Gandy Source: USA Today

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