inoffensively inoffensively


  • (adv) in a not unpleasantly offensive manner


  1. While such words would sound intolerably conceited from any other pop star, they come inoffensively from Gaye.
  2. Rock music, like jazz, has become a permanent part of American popular culture, and millions of young people will continue to enjoy it, not quietly but inoffensively.
  3. Unexpected Husband is inoffensively rough--tumble diversion.


  • What's The Most Expensive Piece Of Carmaker-Branded Crap?

    Since we are now knee-deep in what everyone inoffensively refers to as "the holiday season," let us never forget the real reason these holidays exist in the first place: economic stimulation. Specifically, stuffing our homes full of expensive crap we do not need. Read more...
    on December 6, 2013     Source: Jalopnik

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