ineffectually ineffectually


  • (adv) in an ineffectual manner


  1. An unselfconscious individual, untroubled by his missing leg, Captain Lawson had been trying to get his story on paper, hammering away doggedly but ineffectually.
  2. As a young man he slashed his wrists, ineffectually, over a faithless mistress.
  3. Slowed by a slushy snowfall and wrong turns, the motorcade ended ineffectually in a traffic jam that stretched 25 miles back along Interstate 95.


  • Mohamed Morsi appears in court on Egypt prison break charges

    Egypt's ousted Islamist president, held in a glass cage, shouts ineffectually during the Cairo proceedings. CAIRO — It was difficult not to read the courtroom scene Tuesday as political metaphor, or perhaps as political theater: Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's ousted Islamist president, pacing and shouting ineffectually in a glassed-in and largely soundproofed defendant's cage.
    on January 29, 2014     Source: Los Angeles Times

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