inconsequentially inconsequentially


  • (adv) lacking consequence


  1. The boys squabble endlessly, humorlessly, inconsequentially, and Lindo and Woodard, both fine actors, are given only one note apiece to sound, respectively patience and impatience.
  2. Other than those standouts, he filled his office inconsequentially.
  3. But Invitation to a March is as inconsequentially contemporary as a beach house, and about equally built on sand.


  • What to Say When Your Friend Gets Engaged to a ‘Medium Racist’ Guy

    Fiancés whose favorite book is The Fountainhead are a fact of life. The merciful thing about wedding planning is that there's so much to talk about — inconsequentially, but truthfully — without ever getting around to the objectionable objectivist. This UCB video (h/t the Hairpin) breaks down the art of ... More »        
    on August 22, 2013     Source: New York Magazine

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