in cold blood in cold blood


  • (adv) in a cold unemotional manner


  1. Now, after 20 years, they learn they were slaughtered in cold blood by the Israelis.
  2. Viet Nam was fought in cold blood, and that was intolerable to the American people.
  3. The military crushed the democracy movement by shooting hundreds of unarmed protesters in cold blood and imprisoning thousands more.


  • Thursday morning Montana news headlines

    WHITEFISH - The accused murderer of a Whitefish soldier changed his plea to guilty in a Louisiana courtroom on Wednesday as part of a plea agreement. Reporter Dax VanFossen caught up with the mother of Byron Whitcomb, the soldier who was murdered in cold blood almost three years ago. She says even with a guilty plea, there's no real comfort in the sentence.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: KPAX Missoula

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