impermissibly impermissibly


  • (adv) not permissibly


  1. Powell's attorneys claimed that the incriminating gun should not have been used as evidence because the vagrancy statute invoked to arrest him was later ruled impermissibly vague.
  2. Critics claim that by condoning religious activity in the interest of free speech the statute impermissibly establishes religion and prayer in public schools.


  • Student sues school district for $2 million over Facebook bikini photo

    A former Georgia high school student has filed a lawsuit claiming that a school administrator impermissibly showed an image of her in a bikini to hundreds of local parents and students, reports Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB-TV.
    on June 22, 2013     Source: The Daily Caller via Yahoo! News


  1. "We have never upheld the constitutionality of a law that imposes different contribution limits for candidates who are competing against each other," Alito wrote. "This scheme impermissibly burdens [a self-financed candidate's] First...
    on Jun 26, 2008 By: Samuel Alito Source: Christian Science Monitor

  2. "The denial of marriage to same-sex couples appears impermissibly arbitrary," said Richard Kramer, a San Francisco superior court judge. "Simply put, same-sex marriage cannot be prohibited solely because California has always done so."
    on Mar 14, 2005 By: Richard Kramer Source:

  3. "This language in effect impermissibly directed the jury to consider whether the poultry workers had demonstrated some sufficiently laborious degree of exertion, rather than some form of activity controlled or required by the employer," Judge...
    on Sep 6, 2007 By: Dolores Sloviter Source: Forbes

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