imperiously imperiously


  • (adv) in an imperious manner


  1. A military triumvirate took over the government, imperiously brushing aside the civilian Vice President, who should have succeeded Costa e Silva under the constitution.
  2. Libertad imperiously leaned across the table, gave Eva the last slap she was ever to receive in public, and stalked off with her own admirers.


  • Sparkles the Adventure Cat

    The hawk glared imperiously from his high perch on the barn rafter, his telescopic eyes focused upon the furry critter below. The tiniest whisker twitch was observed and analyzed.
    on February 26, 2014     Source: Marshall Independent


  • Picasso asks himself: "How imperiously can I play with these particular identities and still have them contribute to an overall interior?"
    on Mar 21, 2009 By: Pablo Picasso Source: Washington Post

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