imperceptibly imperceptibly  /ˌɪm pər ˈsɛp tɪb li/


  • (adv) in an imperceptible manner or to an imperceptible degree


  1. Michael and I loved each other, but slowly--almost imperceptibly at first--we began to realize we were no longer in love.
  2. Almost imperceptibly, workers are starting to win concessions.
  3. Impassively, almost imperceptibly, prim-faced Crdenas undercut Calles by giving the people some of the things Calles had promised them.


  • LUCAS: Realities of age, work dull ardor of would-be farmer

    Much of literature seems to suggest that age or, more accurately, old age creeps up on one slowly, the years adding their weight as imperceptibly as that extra inch or two that accumulates around the waistline.
    on June 10, 2013     Source: Evansville Courier & Press


  1. "It is good that you are throwing light on Harry Potter, because these are subtle seductions that work imperceptibly, and because of that deeply, and erode Christianity in the soul before it can even grow properly," Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger said.
    on Jul 15, 2005 By: Pope Benedict XVI Source: Monsters and

  2. "This is the way rationing, which my colleagues and I have warned about, will begin to enter the market place -- slowly, imperceptibly and lethally," Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn said in an e-mail to
    on Nov 18, 2009 By: Marsha Blackburn Source: FOXNews

  3. "Nations are not ruined by one act of violence, but quite often, gradually, and almost imperceptibly, by the depreciation of their currency, through excessive quantity," said Nicolas Copernicus, in 1525.
    on Feb 3, 2009 By: Nicolaus Copernicus Source: Gold Seek

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