impedimenta impedimenta


  1. (n) any structure that makes progress difficult
  2. (n) the baggage and equipment carried by an army


  1. He wore high rubber boots, and carried the classic impedimenta of espionage: a camera, binoculars, maps and a notebook.
  2. Critic Van Doren has not attempted an exhaustive account, writes without footnotes or scholarly impedimenta.
  3. To Washington they had brought a strange assortment of impedimenta: wampum, pine cones, stuffed birds, sharks teeth, shells, sponges, live hoot owls, pickled scorpions.


  • Ivan had to travel everywhere in a special van with a ramp and the family had to make sure they had what Cameron called "the impedimenta - special this and special that".
    on Feb 25, 2009 By: Samantha Cameron Source:

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