immorally immorally


  • (adv) without regard for morality


  1. The challenge facing cloning pioneers is to make the case convincingly that the technology itself is not immoral, however immorally it could be used.
  2. Fully 28% of respondents said they would act immorally including lying or backstabbing to keep their jobs.
  3. He must also leave the woman with whom he lives immorally, free himself from his environment in Paris and return to his legal wife and son.



  1. "He has behaved unethically and immorally," said Danish Culture Minister Brian Mikkelsen, whose department oversees sports. "It is totally despicable."
    on May 25, 2007 By: Brian Mikkelsen Source: Forbes

  2. "If one looks at how the Europeans behaved towards the greatest group of victims of the Second World War, they behaved fairly immorally," Gerstenfeld said.
    on Jan 19, 2007 By: Manfred Gerstenfeld Source: Fort Wayne News Sentinel

  3. From her years of Washington-watching, Maureen Dowd concludes "it is rarely the geopolitical or human consequences that cause people to turn on leaders behaving immorally. The town is far more narcissistic and practical than that."
    on Jun 3, 2008 By: Maureen Dowd Source: Dallas Morning News

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