hydrotherapy hydrotherapy  /ˌhaɪd roʊ ˈθɛ rə pi/


  • (n) the internal and external use of water in the treatment of disease


  1. Welcome To Wellville The German home of hydrotherapy has been luring and curing aches and ailments for 150 years.
  2. Spend some time in the Anggun Spa's hydrotherapy pool, meanwhile, and you just might think you're in Langkawi.
  3. But if your idea of stress-relief is sitting back and being pampered, forgo the classes and check out the four-star spa's massages, facials and hydrotherapy treatments.


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  1. Before leaving on Tuesday night Akshay confirmed, "Hydrotherapy is amazing treatment for many injuries and especially the back and spine. You are put in an environment where the body is weightless and impact-free so you can rehabilitate your muscles...
    on Feb 3, 2010 By: Akshay Kumar Source: Oneindia

  2. "Most schools, if not all schools at the higher levels, have either brand-new arenas or renovated their facilities where they have top-of-the-line gadgets or practice facilities, locker room, film room, weight room, training room, hydrotherapy areas...
    on Dec 19, 2007 By: Kelvin Sampson Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune

  3. "I like the shape of it, the oval," Ryan Langerhans said. "It looks like there's going to be a ton of other accessories, too. A hydrotherapy area, bigger weight room, things like that. It's pretty impressive."
    on Jul 20, 2007 By: Ryan Langerhans Source: MLB.com

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