hyacinth hyacinth  /ˈhaɪ ə ˌsɪnθ/


  1. (n) a red transparent variety of zircon used as a gemstone
  2. (n) any of numerous bulbous perennial herbs


  1. Flowered spikes of lavender blossoms give the water hyacinth a distinctly delicate air.
  2. The scale of the task was gigantic volunteers cleared the entire riverbed of water hyacinth and silt, and built riverbanks and roads alongside the river.
  3. Night and day the water hyacinth floated up from the south, seeding itself as it travelled.


  • Father Richard Kopinski Announces Retirement

    A popular novel, The Cardinal, first gave young Richard Kopinski the idea that he might have a calling to be a priest. “I was taken with the idea of a priest as someone who belongs exclusively to God,” said Father Kopinski, pastor of St. Hyacinth Catholic Church, Glen Head. He had read the 1950 novel by Henry Morton Robinson. The novel was made into a 1963 film directed by Otto Preminger. That ...
    on June 29, 2013     Source: Oyster Bay Enterprise-Pilot


  1. Miss Routledge said: "It's a great pleasure and honour. If Hyacinth were here, she would have to be carried out on a stretcher."
    on Dec 12, 2008 By: Patricia Routledge Source: Lancaster Today

  2. This sank in a moment and Letts said: "I'm a terrific snob. My role model is Hyacinth Bucket. Love the values of self-improvement."
    on May 11, 2010 By: Quentin Letts Source: Independent

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