hotspot hotspot


  1. (n) a place of political unrest and potential violence
  2. (n) a point of relatively intense heat or radiation
  3. (n) a lively entertainment spot



  1. The dusty old moon is still a hotspot for space missions around the world.
  2. The dusty old moon is still a hotspot for space missions around the world.


  1. DataJack Launches 4G Hotspot Direct Response Commercial

    DataJack, Inc. a provider of 4G mobile broadband offering coverage to 280 million people in over 12,900 cities nationwide announced today that production of their Mobile Broadband hotspot Direct Response ...
    on June 27, 2013     Source: Marketwired via Yahoo! Finance

  2. WBTV uncovers rise in crime at Uptown's premier nighttime hotspot

    A rise in crime at Uptown Charlotte's most popular hotspot after dark. That's what WBTV uncovered after digging through crime numbers for the Epicentre over the past three years.
    on June 27, 2013     Source: WBTV Charlotte

  3. EE Bringing Free WiFi to Glastonbury with a Tractor

    EE is describing it as the world's slowest fastest hotspot.
    on June 27, 2013     Source: Tom's Hardware


  1. "I still prefer the hotspot system to identify the contact between the ball and bat. The LBW decisions are not convincing enough as the Hawk Eye gives a 22-yard view which the new referral system does not agree with as to whether the ball would have...
    on Feb 12, 2009 By: Sachin Tendulkar Source: Indian Express

  2. Mr Balls told GMTV's Sunday programme: "I don't think there's a crisis, but I do think it's right that we act in those hotspot areas where there's clearly a problem with guns and knives, and across the country people want to know their communities...
    on Sep 2, 2007 By: Ed Balls Source: Louth Today

  3. "If you are like me you have a plethora of devices you carry around with you," Gundotra said. "Now your android device can in fact become a portable hotspot and indeed serve the needs of the other devices...... you go to another device that...
    on May 20, 2010 By: Vic Gundotra Source: AFP

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