hesitance hesitance


  • (n) a feeling of diffidence and indecision about doing something


  1. Thirty-second ad focuses on McCain's hesitance to answer a question about insurance companies covering Viagra over birth control.
  2. That's why Thompson doesn't believe the drug industry's hesitance to develop male hormonal birth control is merely about money.
  3. Parental denial of any wrongdoing reinforces a doctor's natural hesitance to consider child beating as the cause of injury.



  1. "I swear to God that my hesitance and thorough evaluations to run in the election does not mean that I am running away from responsibility or consider my own expediency," Khatami said in a speech in Ilam, western Iran.
    on Jan 12, 2009 By: Mohammad Khatami Source: Earthtimes (press release)

  2. Turkey's foreign minister, Ali Babacan, who is scheduled to meet with Iraqi officials in Baghdad on Tuesday, said, "There is not even a tiny bit of hesitance."
    on Oct 23, 2007 By: Ali Babacan Source: New York Times

  3. Speaking at the launch of his movie directorial debut Run, Fatboy, Run, Schwimmer says, "I wouldn't rule out working with any of those guys again. We would never do that show again. But I'd have no hesitance working with them again. They are a very...
    on Sep 4, 2007 By: David Schwimmer Source: Starpulse.com (blog)

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