helplessness helplessness  /ˈhɛl pləs nəs/


  1. (n) powerlessness revealed by an inability to act
  2. (n) the state of needing help from something
  3. (n) a feeling of being unable to manage



  1. Her cover-girl face disfigured with cuts and bruises, the former Charlie's Angel movingly conveys both the helplessness and the courage of a woman trapped in a nightmare.
  2. Your response to being violently blindsided is not anger but a debilitating sense of violation and helplessness.
  3. It goes under the dreadful name of homeland security and it has the further disadvantage of inducing feelings of utter helplessness.


  1. 'A Hijacking' review: Danish drama takes a sober look at Somali piracy and its victims

    "A Hijacking" is every bit as straightforward as its title. What we have here is a gripping story rather dryly told, a somewhat frustrating essay on Scandinavian passivity without the pathos of the similarly themed Oscar-winning Danish film "In a Better World." It's the helplessness that gets to you.
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Zap2It

  2. Tiger Woods struggles with round of 3-over 73 to start his U.S. Open

    The difference between the U.S. Open and any other golf tournament on the calendar is that at this event, you have a sense of helplessness. The high rough, the fast greens and at Merion, the weather, have all played in … Continue reading ?
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Devil Ball Golf via Yahoo! Sports


  1. "The images and news reports are unbearable to watch," she said. "So much distress, suffering and loss. We are also, of course, imagining the worst, situations no image can capture that only increase our feeling of helplessness."
    on Jun 22, 2010 By: Michaelle Jean Source: AFP

  2. "One of the sealers was quoted as saying that he felt absolutely helpless as he watched the boat sink with sealers onboard," Watson said in a statement released Wednesday. "I can't think of anything that defines helplessness and fear more...
    on Apr 2, 2008 By: Paul Watson Source: Globe and Mail

  3. "He never forgot the sheer terror and helplessness that any parent feels when a child is badly sick; and he was able to imagine what it must be like for those without insurance; what it would be like to have to say to a wife or a child or an aging...
    on Sep 9, 2009 By: Barack Obama Source: AFP

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