heinously heinously


  • (adv) in a terribly evil manner


  1. Shanghai started off with a false point, handled one covey with style and finish, then sinned heinously by flushing another.
  2. Since in Mexico any form of strikebreaking is heinously unconstitutional, no worker was afraid of being displaced.
  3. The only thing I'd have going for me would be this cabal of shallow, high-strung, heinously good-looking friends.


  • After Miami decision, NCAA's need for major change is clearer than ever

    Moreover, it comes after one of the most heinously botched investigations in the organization's history, one fraught with ethical misconduct like paying Nevin Shapiro's attorney for information and defining "corroboration" as "Nevin Shapiro saying something twice."
    on October 22, 2013     Source: Philly.com


  1. "I quickly realized that these people are who they say they are either because they sometimes say such heinously negative things," Berry said. "When you try to figure out what they look like and go, 'Send a picture so I can see what you look...
    on Apr 11, 2007 By: Halle Berry Source: KSBW Channel.com

  2. "They did all the right things, like getting heinously drunk on very expensive champagne and trashing expensive restaurants, which seemed to me the epitome of the Oxford life," says James Delingpole.
    on Oct 7, 2009 By: James Brown Source: guardian.co.uk

  3. "Let me be clear about this: I have no sympathy for Michael Ross," said Rell, a Republican. "There is no question of guilt. There is no evidence that is missing or DNA that needs to be tested. Michael Ross admitted to heinously raping and...
    on Jan 22, 2005 By: Jodi Rell Source: Boston Globe (registration)

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