heartlessly heartlessly


  • (adv) in a heartless manner


  1. Two generations of children passed through my moms English classes, heartlessly forced into reading the books and plays they were assigned.
  2. Once they were a sign of social progress and masculine democracy; now the Paris municipal council heartlessly ruled that the pissoirs were outmoded.
  3. He is a steely, at times brilliant cinematic technician who will heartlessly pull out any stop in the effort to make moviegoers squirm.


  • $leaze play on old lady

    A scheming accountant heartlessly scammed at least $1.2 million from an elderly Jewish woman who fled Nazi-controlled Austria in 1938 — and used the cash to pay for sporting events and a hot tub, Manhattan prosecutors said yesterday. Barry Palczewski, 55, had access to Lily Buchwald’s personal checks because...
    on June 8, 2013     Source: New York Post

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