haematocrit haematocrit


  1. (n) the ratio of the volume occupied by packed red blood cells to the volume of the whole blood as measured by a hematocrit
  2. (n) a measuring instrument to determine (usually by centrifugation) the relative amounts of corpuscles and plasma in the blood


  1. Armstrong said: "Say, for example, hypothetically, it [haematocrit] is 43, 42, 41 and you then go to altitude for a month and it goes to 46. Not everyone in this room is going to say that that means I must have cheated. But a few of you would say it...
    on Jan 21, 2009 By: Lance Armstrong Source: Mail & Guardian Online

  2. "When he had the test for haematocrit he was eventually only banned for 15 days, but it ended up complicating his whole life and he was never able to get over it. He was never the same again," Indurain said.
    on Feb 15, 2004 By: Miguel Indurain Source: CNN International

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