gutturally gutturally


  • (adv) in a guttural manner


  1. There's only one authentically chilling moment, when an orangutan peers out of the jungle in Sumatra and swears gutturally at some tourists in Dutch, but it leads nowhere.
  2. His wife answered, intelligibly, if necessarily at the top of her lungs; and the details of next morning's breakfast were gutturally decided upon.


  • Exhumed proves gore-grind can be groovy on ‘Necrocracy’

    Exhumed – Necrocracy Relapse Records ???? (out of 5 stars) Is gore-grind always this groovy? No, but Exhumed is seven albums deep in the game now. Hence, the “necrocracy” they gutturally preach fits like a diseased, maggot-laden glove. You’d think a grind band that slows down long enough at various points here and there to smell the corpses would fall into a rut, but you also might assume you’d ...
    on August 14, 2013     Source: Orlando Weekly

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