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  • (n) a storyteller in West Africa; perpetuates the oral traditions of a family or village


  1. The character, who is supposed to represent an African griot, or wise man, wears a Nehru-style suit and joins hands with youngsters to ask what they have learned about Kwanzaa.
  2. Not all kids are happy with television's usurping the role of village griot.
  3. In Gambia he encountered an aged griota, tribal oral historianwho traced Haley's lineage back centuries before Kunta Kinte was snatched by slavers in 1767.


  • Q&A with Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba

    Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba is a group composed of native Senegalese griot musician Diali Cissokho, as well as numerous other North Carolinian musicians who share his love of music based on the Manding tradition. The group plays Wednesday as a part of Duke Garden’s Music in the Gardens concert series.
    on June 27, 2013     Source: The Daily Tar Heel

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  1. "If West Africa was a living being, the griot would be the blood," Diabate says over lunch at his Bamako home, scooping couscous and fish from a silver tray on his Persian-carpeted floor. "As griots, we are the memory, we are the link between...
    on Jan 4, 2007 By: Toumani Diabate Source: San Francisco Chronicle

  2. In a statement, President Thabo Mbeki said she had been "a Pan-African griot, making souls rise in bliss wherever her voice reached."
    on May 9, 2004 By: Thabo Mbeki Source: BBC News

  3. About Hayes, Wonder said: "In African history, the griot is a storyteller. He is the village keeper of history. Every time a griot dies, it is like a library burning to the ground. Isaac Hayes was a griot of song. He captured the excitement,...
    on Aug 11, 2008 By: Stevie Wonder Source:

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