good egg good egg


  • (n) (old-fashioned slang) a good person


  1. The British soldier is a hell of a good egg.
  2. A bit vain, lacking perhaps ideal royal tolerance, he is at heart a good egg, and better company for a full-length fairy tale in 1984 than the standard, hand-wringing Adonis.


  • New ‘GMO-Free’ Label Approved by Agriculture Department

    Good eggs. The USDA has approved an unprecedented rule for labels pertaining to genetically modified food, the Times reports. The department has given authority to the third-party Non-GMO Project to certify that various meat and egg products were produced "from animals that never ate feed containing genetically engineered ingredients like corn, soy and alfalfa." Basically, the rule adds some ...
    on June 22, 2013     Source: New York Magazine

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