gondolier gondolier  /ˌɡɑn də ˈlɪr/


  • (n) a (Venetian) boatman who propels a gondola


  1. But this time Gondolier Macropodio inspired the strikers, instead of merely beaching their boats, to mock, not fight, the opposition.
  2. In Venice, he conducted a passionate eight-year affair with a gondolier.
  3. But the gondolier rows from the right, which pushes the boat left.



  1. "We spend two days in each audition city and see about 200 people a day," Jackson says. "However, I can say (the producers) are trying to rid the show of some of the riffraff. I mean, we had a gondolier audition in Vegas. My question is, 'Do...
    on Jan 16, 2007 By: Randy Jackson Source: Centre Daily Times

  2. "She came here for 10 years," Lagerfeld said. "And there are many photos of her on the beach dressed like a gondolier, with Italian friends. She had a real Italian period."
    on Jun 5, 2009 By: Karl Lagerfeld Source: Globe and Mail

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