genteelly genteelly


  • (adv) in a genteel manner


  1. George II, living in genteelly poor exile, had indicated his willingness to take his old job back and restoration fever grew.
  2. As the sun set on the British Empire, the ESU entered its own twilight zone, aging genteelly like many of its members.
  3. For 40 years after the most impressionist of the French impressionists, Claude Monet, died, his son Michel lived genteelly off his father's paintings.


  • The Second Act of Gillian Anderson

    The photo assistant is a fan of “The X-Files.” The whole room is. But the photo assistant is the first to speak up. “Would you mind…” he says, apologetically holding up a camera. Gillian Anderson obliges, posing genteelly. That’s when the floodgates break open.
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