genevan genevan


  1. (n) a native or resident of Geneva
  2. (n) an adherent of the theological doctrines of John Calvin


  • Premiere: The Genevan Heathen Brings New Love To Soul Clap

    Geneva’s biggest heathen of sound and lyric-play has every reason to love life. The Genevan Heathen’s new retro smooth jam, “Love My Life,” pops off on Soul Clap Records with two remixes from SC – ‘Soul Clap's Toned Like Loc Mix’ and ‘Soul Clap Club Dub.’ VIBE premieres the ‘Original Hip Hop Mix’ before its release on Beatport, March 10. "It's all in the title. It's about loving your life ...
    on March 7, 2014     Source: Vibe Magazine

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