gaudily gaudily


  • (adv) in a tastelessly garish manner



  1. The gaudily talented, impossibly prolific Takashi Miike got his start here and soon became a Madness regular.
  2. THE tale came wrapped extravagantlyboxes within boxes, each festooned with its own diminished fantasies, each gaudily papered in ever thinner tissues of lies.
  3. The world may think of Hong Kong music as consisting of gaudily dressed balladeers, elfin starlets and jobbing jazz trios in hotel lobbies.


  • Review: Muhlenberg presents an embraceable 'Crazy for You'

    Muhlenberg Summer Music Theatre director Charles Richter is a passionate fan of old-style Broadway musicals, which offered the promise of theatrical escapism, lots of singable music, exuberant dancers and gaudily dressed chorus girls in skimpy skirts.        
    on June 18, 2013     Source: The Morning Call


  • As Joel Stein noted in Time magazine back in September 2006, "The problem is, Idiocracy is so aesthetically displeasing - its vision of the future so purposely, gaudily, corporately ugly - that even showing a second (of the trailer) made people...
    on Mar 29, 2009 By: Joel Stein Source: Toronto Star

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