fugue fugue  /ˈfjuɡ/


  1. (n) dissociative disorder in which a person forgets who they are and leaves home to creates a new life; during the fugue there is no memory of the former life; after recovering there is no memory for events during the dissociative state
  2. (n) a dreamlike state of altered consciousness that may last for hours or days
  3. (n) a musical form consisting of a theme repeated a fifth above or a fourth below its first statement


  1. The resulting fugue is like a piece composed for brass but played on woodwinds, a Death Valley map on which Spielberg has placed seeds, hoping they will somehow blossom.
  2. Bach forthwith obliged, extemporized a three-voice fugue.
  3. Innocently Czech Weinberger worked in his King Charles's heada fugue.


  1. Visualization of the Week: Stravinskys The Rite of Spring

    Stephen Malinowski’s hypnotic music visualizations have been quite a hit on YouTube — he has visualized a number of scores, from Debussy’s, Clair de lune to Chopin’s Nocturne in B Major, opus 32 no.1 to his own Fugue in A …
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  2. Couch in Crisis

    To understand the psychodynamics of the dissociative fugue, Dr Michael Sperber analyzes some of the characters in a collection of interrelated vignettes set in small town America.
    on June 6, 2013     Source: Psychiatric Times

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  1. "You, Anna, shall write a fugue," Fasch says during his introduction to this second chapter, offering advice to his wife on how to start composing her own music. "After all, the styles of old must be understood thoroughly before they can be...
    on Nov 24, 2005 By: Johann Friedrich Fasch Source: The Villager

  2. "Isaac was in a drug-addled fugue state when he created his paintings," Kring says. "There could also be a moral dilemma in telling someone they're going to die. If you had the ability to know the circumstances of your death, would you want...
    on Nov 8, 2007 By: Tim Kring Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

  3. "The acoustics are for me the best in the Bay Area for Renaissance and Baroque choral and orchestral music," said Vance George, director emeritus of the San Francisco Symphony Chorus. "I heard 'The Art of the Fugue' played by a brass ensemble...
    on Dec 12, 2009 By: Vance George Source: New York Times

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