formally formally  /ˈfɔr mə li/


  1. (adv) with official authorization
  2. (adv) in a formal manner


  1. The battle will surface formally on May 15, when Ortega must stand for re-election as party secretary-general.
  2. The treaty will be formally signed later this month or in early September.
  3. Officials of the Watch Tower Society, as the religious organization of 2,257,000 followers is formally known, refused all comment on the unprecedented case.


  1. Brewers formally announce 22 Draft signings

    The Brewers formally announced on Monday's off-day that they had signed their top five selections in the First-Year Player Draft, then announced 17 more deals on Tuesday, all of which had already been reported elsewhere.
    on June 19, 2013     Source: Milwaukee Brewers

  2. Afghan forces formally take over security

    Afghan forces formally took over security responsibilities for their violence-plagued country from NATO-led troops on Tuesday, marking a key transition in the long and costly war.
    on June 18, 2013     Source: KOAT Albuquerque

  3. Adobe formally releases 'Creative Cloud' version of full app suite

    Adobe has formally released the full Adobe Creative Cloud software, marking the next generation of its venerable Creative Suite and officially making its subscription-based, cloud-authorized software the default option going forward. Although the company will continue to sell copies of Adobe CS6 -- which features a traditional "perpetual" license -- for the time being, the new "Adobe CC" package ...
    on June 18, 2013     Source: MacNN


  1. "I don't see any reason to destroy the franchise value or to create the huge legal uncertainties of trying to formally nationalize a bank when that just isn't necessary," Mr. Bernanke told the Senate Banking Committee.
    on Feb 24, 2009 By: Ben Bernanke Source: Wall Street Journal

  2. "I guess with a billion people watching, it's as good a time as any. So my fellow Americans, I'm going to take this opportunity here and now to formally announce my intentions ......," Gore said, his voice trailing away as the orchestra cut him off.
    on Feb 25, 2007 By: Al Gore Source: Forbes

  3. "I have decided to formally announce the end of my involvement as one of the overseas artistic advisers to the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games," Spielberg said in a statement today.
    on Feb 13, 2008 By: Steven Spielberg Source: Scopical

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