flowchart flowchart  /f ˈloʊ ˌtʃɑrt/


  • (n) a diagram of the sequence of operations in a computer program or an accounting system



  1. I can only imagine what the flowchart of all the various groups on this show will look like after the series finale.
  2. I don't think it's a whiteboard in the Lost production offices; rather, I heard that it was a flowchart drawn in fluorescent paint on a production office blast door.


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  • In this month's edition of "Written By," the WGA's in-house publication, Mazer confirmed that "you sort of know how people are going to respond in some ways. You plot their responses, and it's like a flowchart."
    on Jan 21, 2007 By: Dan Mazer Source: AZ Central.com

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