fixedly fixedly


  • (adv) in a fixed manner


  1. In interviewing doctors for her study, however, she also learned a few very important things about why they remain so fixedly opposed to the midwifery option.
  2. One prisoner blinked, another swayed, the third looked fixedly ahead.
  3. Came third the Empress, wearing an Occidental court gown of blue velvet, with large blue picture hather eyes cast modestly and fixedly down.


  • Bouncy living at four score and four

    A portly German great-grandfather sat under a tree, entertaining and being entertained by a handful of children related and not. Hearing that he was 84, I stared fixedly at him and wondered how I might be if I lived to be his ripe old age.
    on March 3, 2014     Source: Louisiana Weekly

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