fetishist fetishist  /ˈfɛ tɪ ʃɪst/


  • (n) one who engages in fetishism (especially of a sexual nature)

Derived Word(s)


  1. Simmons, an ascetic-looking man, was a fetishist on fraternal organizations.
  2. But Madame is watchful, so the maid bestows her favors instead on Madame's father, a haughty old fetishist who asks only that she hike up her skirts and model his shoe collection.


  • Joy Of Specs: This Unauthorized Commercial For Tic Tac Will Make You Feel Funny

    Warning: not safe. Period. Somebody decided to make a spec commercial for Tic Tac--and the brand can’t be too thrilled. "Four Calories," directed by Crobin , is a three-minute and 15-second hallucination, involving a fat, mostly naked tic tac fetishist, a man playing the trombone, and a passed-out degenerate covered in his own blood. The ostensible brand message: Shake it up. The director told ...
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Fast Company Magazine


  1. "If you break up with an honest foot fetishist, you'll end up with a dishonest necrophiliac," Savage said.
    on Nov 14, 2006 By: Dan Savage Source: Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun

  2. During the panel, McGowan stated, "If there's an amputee fetishist out there, this is the movie for them."
    on Jul 23, 2006 By: Rose McGowan Source: IGN

  3. "I think it was a plot," the film's director, Pedro Almodóvar, joked to Mandrake. "I think someone take it and bring it with him to home. I think it was stolen:by a fetishist."
    on Jul 31, 2009 By: Pedro Almodóvar Source: Telegraph.co.uk

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