felicitously felicitously


  • (adv) in a felicitous manner


  1. The felicitously feral Monica Vitti, for instance, comes on in a wild dash through wood and field with an aspiring rapist at her heels.
  2. Weinberger obliged, adding felicitously that he hears best with his right ear.


  • Review: 'In the Heights' gets toes tapping at Casa 0101

    “In the Heights” is currently irradiating Casa 0101, where it fits as felicitously as cinnamon in café con leche . This galvanic chamber edition of the 2008 Tony winner about the denizens of a Washington Heights barrio has enough heartfelt energy to alleviate a citywide power outage.        
    on December 3, 2013     Source: Los Angeles Times


  • "I think I could have phrased that paragraph more felicitously," Baigent said.
    on Mar 8, 2006 By: Michael Baigent Source: Times Online

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