extirpation extirpation


  1. (n) surgical removal of a body part or tissue
  2. (n) the act of pulling up or out; uprooting; cutting off from existence


  1. The massive extirpation force netted and scatter-gunned the exhausted birds or snared them with long, gum-tipped bamboo poles.
  2. The complete extirpation of Communism is a proper object of prayer, but hardly of international policy.
  3. The technicians of the title are versed in every form of extirpation, but mostly the kind of death that goes with, for or by heroin.


  • Give back by being a conservationist

    For hunters, in a lot of ways, these are the 'good old days.' We now enjoy hunting primary game species such as deer and turkeys that were exploited to the extent of near extirpation decades ago.
    on February 19, 2014     Source: The News-Star

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