euphonious euphonious


  1. (adj) having a pleasant sound
  2. (adj) (of speech or dialect) pleasing in sound; not harsh or strident


  1. Included in the crew of eight were two West Germans, and a Dutchman with the euphonious name of Wubbo Ockels.
  2. His euphonious name completes an exotic array of players who will contend in the Davis Cup lists this year.
  3. The bride was beautiful, her name euphonious Isabelle, Princess of Orleans-Braganza, descendant of the Emperor Dom Pedro II of Brazil.


  • ObamaCare freeing the job-locked poets?

    ‘Job-lock!” It’s only February, but it’s already my favorite word — or phrase, I guess — of the year. It’s not euphonious or edgy, but it does offer insight into...
    on February 7, 2014     Source: New York Post

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