etiolated etiolated


  • (adj) (especially of plants) developed without chlorophyll by being deprived of light



  1. Our relationship had become so etiolated and dull that we didn't even have proper fights.
  2. To be sure, Foley might have sent the messages even if he had lived a life of integrity rather than one etiolated by lies.
  3. Far from being etiolated or artificial, it is almost as realist as a Caravaggio, though much classier in the opulence of Judith's robes.


  • Writing in The New York Times, Michiko Kakutani said that "instead of the jazzy, vernacular, darkly humorous language he employed to such galvanic effect in 'White Noise' and 'Underworld,' Mr. DeLillo had chosen to use spare, etiolated, almost...
    on Feb 3, 2010 By: Michiko Kakutani Source: New York Times

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