esperanto esperanto  /ˌɛ spə ˈræn toʊ/


  • (n) an artificial language based as far as possible on words common to all the European languages


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  1. "One thing that's concerned me my whole life is that every country in the world has adopted the American jazz and blues as their Esperanto, and the people that know the least about it are in our country where it came from," Jones said.
    on Dec 27, 2006 By: Quincy Jones Source: Forbes

  2. "It is a sort of beautiful contradiction. A world worried about protecting borders and frontiers now has film as the new Esperanto -- crossing all borders and being a universal language," said del Toro.
    on Feb 20, 2007 By: Guillermo del Toro Source: Washington Post

  3. "Esperanto is neutral, unlike English which creates inequality between people who are born anglophone and those who learn it," Zaleski-Zamenhof said, recalling regular misunderstandings when doing business in English.
    on Aug 4, 2009 By: Ludwik Zamenhof Source: China Daily

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