espalier espalier  /ɛ ˈspæl jər/


  • (n) a trellis on which ornamental shrub or fruit tree is trained to grow flat


  • Housewives were instructed on combining a guest room and study,were told what an espalier fruit tree is and how unpretentious Anne Morrow Lindbergh's aerial wardrobe contains one .


  • Acadiana Gardening: Japanese plum may not bear fruit for many reasons

    Japanese plum may not bear fruit for many reasons. / Denyse Cummins Question: I’m looking for information on getting a Japanese plum tree to bear fruit. I planted mine about five years ago and have kept it espaliered against a wall, at about 6 feet tall.
    on July 20, 2013     Source: The Journal News

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  • Of a recent dinner with Christopher Guest, the "Spinal Tap" star who's one of his comic heroes, Gervais wrote: "We went to arguably the best restaurant in Boston, L'Espalier. It is very posh but luckily serves chicken. (I don't like things that are...
    on Apr 15, 2008 By: Ricky Gervais Source: Boston Globe (registration)

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