eschatology eschatology


  • (n) the branch of theology that is concerned with such final things as death and Last Judgment; Heaven and Hell; the ultimate destiny of humankind


  1. He believes that the Islamic revolution's raison d'tre is to prepare the way for the messianic redemption, which in his eschatology is preceded by worldwide upheaval and chaos.
  2. In the end, it is to the level of scatology, not eschatology, that Dramatist John Osborne has reduced one of the most dramatic religious events since the Crucifixion.
  3. In the quiet Colorado mountain town of South Park, four nine-year-old boys delve into eschatology nearly as much as scatology.


  • Evening of Jewish, Christian and Islamic Dialogue

    The Root and Branch Inc. is sponsoring "An Evening of Jewish, Christian and Islamic Dialogue" 7 to 9 p.m. Monday at the Columbia Gas Transmission cafeteria. The topic for discussion is "Eschatology: A Look at Both Monotheistic and Polyt...
    on August 27, 2013     Source: Charleston Daily Mail

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  1. "Hagee is on television every day talking about the need to nuke Iran as a part of his view of biblical eschatology, and nobody has raised apparently any question about" Huckabee preaching at Hagee's Cornerstone Church or McCain seeking, and...
    on Mar 19, 2008 By: Bill Leonard Source: Associated Baptist Press

  2. "Both Islam and Christianity have a very well-defined eschatology, or period of the last days; both of them cannot be correct :," said William Wagner, senior professor at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and author of the book, "How...
    on Aug 7, 2006 By: Richard Wagner Source: BP News

  3. "Most people do not understand eschatology at all, period," Hagee said. "Many preachers do not understand it well enough to teach it, and there's nothing in the bible that's more twisted than eschatology. But I can assure you that eschatology...
    on Jul 27, 2007 By: John Hagee Source: FOXNews

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