equilibration equilibration


  • (n) stabilization by bringing into equilibrium


  • Chance has called this process "equilibration"defined by Fox as "the ability to control and to time responses, to understand the consequences of one's actions.



  1. "What we're seeing now is a re-equilibration of the market," Khelil, who is also Algeria's oil minister, told a group of reporters gathered in his hotel room a few hours before the meeting. "We are producing at a certain level, we will...
    on Sep 9, 2008 By: Chakib Khelil Source: International Herald Tribune

  2. Postulating on market economic theories propounded by Milton Keynes, Summers said while in normal times the market has the capacity for equilibration, "there are particular moments when the markets lose their self-sustaining equilibration. That I...
    on Oct 3, 2008 By: Lawrence Summers Source: THISDAY

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