epaulet epaulet


  • (n) adornment consisting of an ornamental cloth pad worn on the shoulder


  1. All the buttons had been slashed from his uniform coat, and the red epaulet from his right shoulder.
  2. He insists that people's choice in clothingdown to the last epaulet or earth shoetells more about them than they think or may want known.
  3. For a man who wore his world-weariness like an epaulet, Cavafy is astonishingly jaunty, zestful, and even impassioned.


  • Lake Anne Benston a fitting tribute

    It’s now been three weeks and a day since Anne Benston was spirited away from the Forest Glen Health Campus. And as yet, there’s been no police report. Blindfolded and in the presence of her second husband, Chuck, she was driven in a four-door sedan to a spot in Ferncliff Cemetery down-slope from where Kelly Lake sits on the hill like an epaulet, fringed by trees. Because of a broken hip, her ...
    on November 24, 2013     Source: Springfield News-Sun


  • Mr. Fineman adds: "By ripping a star from Mr. Rove's epaulet - the first time Mr. Rove has ever lost, rather than acquired, power in the Bush circle - Mr. Bolten showed that he can be effective, that he can influence events."
    on Apr 21, 2006 By: Howard Fineman Source: Dallas Morning News

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