enthronement enthronement


  • (n) the ceremony of installing a new monarch


  1. The enthronement of the 100th Archbishop was a splendid ceremony.
  2. The enthronement of Henry Pu Yi and the inauguration of an Empire in Manchuria will prove a stabilizing factor in the promotion of peace in the Orient.
  3. Ever since his state-authorized enthronement at the age of seven in 1992, the Karmapa had been carefully groomed to assume the role of Chinese puppet.

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  1. Adedeji, announcing the peer review for Nigeria, stated that "ineffective implementation of policies and laws: frequent policy reversals have also been a hindrance to the enthronement of good governance. This is attributed to weak political will and...
    on Dec 17, 2009 By: Adebayo Adedeji Source: The Guardian - Nigeria

  2. Moreover, Uribe said, "the people of Colombia have every right to ...... accept mediation, but not the type of mediation which seeks ...... the political enthronement of terrorism."
    on Nov 30, 2007 By: Alvaro Uribe Source: Washington Post

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