empiric empiric


  1. (adj) relying on medical quackery
  2. (adj) derived from experiment and observation rather than theory


Derived Word(s)


  1. President Roosevelt made him secretary of War in 1904an amiable Mars indeed who made empiric yet cherubic sidetrips to Cuba, Panama and Porto Rico.
  2. As Man of the Year Stalin, too, has certain grave disqualifications, one moral, the other empiric.
  3. So far as the authors know this has been based on empiric observations and has not been supported by sufficient evidence to be regarded as in any way proof.


  1. Opening the summit, Argentina's President Nestor Kirchner directly challenged Bush, saying, "There exists today empiric evidence of the failures" of the "free market" neoliberal theories Bush was hoping to advance.
    on Nov 10, 2005 By: President Bush Source: People's Weekly World

  2. Hakim said, "The government should not fear that the unemployment rate would increase, while the incomes of the state and the tobacco companies plunge. Empiric studies say otherwise."
    on Feb 27, 2007 By: Hakim Said Source: Jakarta Post

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