eleventh eleventh  /ɪ ˈlɛ vənθ/


  1. (n) position 11 in a countable series of things
  2. (adj) coming next after the tenth and just before the twelfth in position


  1. eleventh-hour election fever bracing for 1997, hong kong stages a last-hurrah election that has aroused people's enthusiasm for democracy.
  2. Clinton's eleventh-hour move, along with pardons of his half-brother, Roger, and former business partner Susan McDougal, outraged Republicans and Democrats alike.
  3. If he had been counting on convincing the Left to drop its opposition to the deal at the eleventh hour, he has badly miscalculated.


  1. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

    The Secretary-General has been closely following the eleventh presidential election in Iran held on 14 June and notes with satisfaction the reported high turnout. He extends his warm congratulations to Mr. Hasan Rowhani, the confirmed winner.
    on June 16, 2013     Source: United Nations

  2. Caps lose to Loons

    (Eastlake, OH) – James Baldwin scored on a passed ball in the top of the eleventh inning and the Great Lakes Loons (26-41) defeated the Lake County Captains (21-43) by a final of 1-0. The Captains fall
    on June 15, 2013     Source: 19 Action News Cleveland

  3. The Eleventh Hour to be offered to the public

    The Eleventh Hour, a series composed of hour-long presentations, will be offered to the public at 11 a.m.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: The Iowa City Press-Citizen


  1. Obama TV spots accused Clinton of attacking him with "eleventh-hour smears, paid for by lobbyist money. Isn't that exactly what we need to change?"
    on Apr 21, 2008 By: Barack Obama Source: The News-Press

  2. "Today is the eleventh day since ...... Nargis hit Myanmar," Ban told reporters. "I want to register my deep concern -- and immense frustration -- at the unacceptably slow response to this grave humanitarian crisis."
    on May 12, 2008 By: Ban Ki-moon Source: Reuters

  3. Gadahn says "Your failure to heed our demands ...... means that you and your people will ...... experience things which will make you forget all about the horrors of September eleventh, Afghanistan and Iraq and Virginia Tech."
    on May 29, 2007 By: Adam Gadahn Source: KRIS-TV

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