dormie dormie


  • (adj) in match play a side that stands as many holes ahead as there are holes remaining to be played


  1. Dormie Little Sirs: Your account of the final match of the American Amateur in PTI, Sept.
  2. At the 16th, with Emery dormie, Little hit two prodigious wood shots to a green 512 yd.
  3. He lost the first hole, lay dormie, won the second with a par 3 to Hagen's 4.


  1. "It put us dormie. It basically gave us a shot of momentum after they just birdied 15," Woods told reporters.
    on Sep 27, 2007 By: Tiger Wood Source: Reuters Canada

  2. "I had a chance yesterday and today on 14 to go dormie-four if I could have made par, and I three-putted there," said Mickelson. "Conditions were tougher today."
    on Feb 26, 2009 By: Phil Mickelson Source: Sports Network

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