donnish donnish


  • (adj) marked by a narrow focus on or display of learning especially its trivial aspects



  1. Perhaps reflecting his creator's donnish temperament, Inspector Chen is somewhat ambivalent about the door-knocking and petty politicking that go along with police work.
  2. With donnish humor and un failing intelligence, Chronicles of Bustos Domecq thrusts a rapier into such gargantuan posturing.
  3. In her North London study, a sunny garret heaped with books and files, Warner, 52, comes across as rather more donnish than Madonnaish.


  • Germaine Greer, began her fascinating, provocative lecture by attacking the years of ill-researched assumptions "based on no evidence and donnish prejudice against women" which have given us the view that Anne Hathaway was promiscuous, ugly and...
    on Aug 19, 2007 By: Germaine Greer Source: Scotsman

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