disputatious disputatious


  • (adj) inclined or showing an inclination to dispute or disagree, even to engage in law suits


  1. High-powered and high-salaried, they are as disputatious, selfish and disdainful of each other as they are talenteda galaxy of stars, singularly burning with a hard, cold light.
  2. At the nearby Cedar Bar, Jackson Pollock caroused, Robert Motherwell discoursed, Willem de Kooning waxed disputatious.
  3. But disputatious followers of the monk Gennadius boycotted the church.


  • The Limits of Speech in India

    India is the world’s largest democracy, with possibly the world’s largest number of political parties (six national, 22 regional, and 1500+ official unrecognized parties), and what must surely be the most disputatious and argumentative broadcast media. Anyone who has ever watched the myriad prime time talk shows, with six to ten guests shouting at each other (sometimes the host, too), would know ...
    on February 14, 2014     Source: Forbes

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