dismissible dismissible


  • (adj) subject to dismissal


  1. The years after Thriller, however, were marked by a slow descent into what was at first dismissible as eccentricity.
  2. Almost nothing about Reagan the Leader is dismissible: his height, his straight back, his hair.
  3. Your view is absurd, baseless, antiquated and dismissible.


  • Review: '2 Guns'

    by Peter Canavese By not being instantly dismissible with a comparison to some other movie, "2 Guns" wins some audience goodwill right out of the gate. -P.C.
    on August 8, 2013     Source: Palo Alto Weekly


  1. Last month Labour MP Chris Mole called for Clarkson to be sacked, calling the comments "a dismissible offence".
    on Dec 8, 2008 By: Chris Mole Source: BBC News

  2. "It's difficult ...... to enforce any type of law," Fiacco told reporters Wednesday. "Because of the issue of the noise decibels being thrown out of court as dismissible evidence."
    on Apr 28, 2010 By: Pat Fiacco Source: CBC.ca

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